Well, Start with a Heart .... Our target was 70 and we weren't sure if we'd reach that by the deadline ... 111 hearts later!!! :) 
I have just dropped off the hearts with a note from everyone at Lower Earley Baptist Church and St Nicholas Church saying that we are thinking of them and praying for them.  They sent this message "Oh wow!  That's amazing.  How thoughtful!! So much love!!"  
I have been humbled and slightly overwhelmed by the response to my request for hearts.  We are a very creative body of believers ... even if we are a bit too critical of ourselves (I can't tell you how many people turned up on my door step (2 metres away obviously) saying "here are my hearts ... they're not very good ..." ) :) :) 
Let's pray for open hearts amongst the staff and residents as we minister to them.


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Joe Peacock, 19/05/2020