Football - 11 May 2019

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 Football - Penguins

Football Report 10/3/2018

There were no winners and losers!
[mainly because we don’t know what the score was!]

About 12 blokes took to the field for an hour on Saturday 10th March.  About 3 blokes did not take the field but did take to the pub.
This time was a splendid occasion for firsts:

  • First time we played without any rules (hence we weren’t sure which goals were allowed and which were illegal, and our difficulty with agreeing the final score)
  • First time we had a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) AKA William Layne with GoPro camera
  • First time a VAR got involved with the action while filming and tried to score!
  • First time there was more than 1 spectator (does this mean our standard of play has improved?)

Not really sure this is a highlight – but did Chris score?  Answers on a postcard please.
Dom stormed the game with grit and determination – he scored 6 goals – at least 2 of them have never been struck so sweetly.
Ben was ‘De Gea-esk’ in his goalkeeping performance (which he will love as a Spurs fan!)
Aaron with his trickery and skill was a handful all evening.
Martin worked tirelessly during the whole hour and showed his fitness
Learning that there are more badminton players involved with LEBC than you might think. Time to organise some badminton?
What next?
21 April – curry night

Jon Lloyd, 15/03/2018