The men (and a few older teenagers!)  play 5 a side football against each other for the sheer fun of it!

Possibly the greater attraction is the post match gathering at the local Pub!

This year we have a few dates in the diary already giving ample time for everyone to get match fit!



2017 Provisional Dates


1/7/2017 - Joint meeting with the Curry Eaters!



Previous Match Report

Saturday 9th April 2016 - Was it really that long ago!   


After a long break a bunch of us stepped back out on to the pitch to continue on our journey towards top-flight football. It quickly became apparent that the journey would perhaps take longer than a lifetime for most of us.

It was a close match dominated by goalkeeping heroics from Ian, Vic and others. There was a sprinkling of good individual and team goals with the non-bibs team led by Sean just coming out on top in the end.

Match Highlights:

A solid performance from Alan who had joined us for the first time.

The energy and skills of Niba and Sean – no, I don’t think age was a factor.

Dom narrowly missed a half-chance which saw his volley (think Van Basten, but slightly different technique) leave the stadium at high velocity.   Sadly the only threat was to the innocent passers-by and precious vehicles outside in the car park. Fortunately as a highly professional outfit (!) we were able to use the spare ball whilst the match-ball was retrieved. Match officials are currently considering whether to reinstate the head-height rule or at least the sky-scraper-height rule next time!

Vic generously provided several pairs of proper goalkeeping gloves, some of them were better at saving shots than others!

Traction control issues: the playing surface was slippery which caused a number of problems with stopping and changing direction, both of which are quite important in football. Don was regularly to be seen aquaplaning elegantly towards the ball.

Players: Niba, Jon, Ian, Alan, Vic, Dom, Don, Ben, Martin, Sean Rance


Referee: Peter

Spectators: Keith and Gary: I must mention the crowd here. They endured 60 mins of a particular brand of football and then they both offered to pay for the privilege! There is a strong suspicion that shortly after kick-off they sneaked away to watch another match, perhaps in the nearby Earley Retreat [it did take Keith rather a long time to retrieve that lost ball], before returning to applaud our players off the pitch at full-time. Investigations are on-going and CCTV is being checked.


Post-match Analysis

After the match we headed to the Toby where we discussed a wide range of fascinating topics including: Roy Hodgson’s starting 11 for the Euros in the summer (Rooney in or out?), many aspects related to the sport of badminton (including the maximum speed a feathered shuttle-cock can travel) and what we should allow our children to buy with their pocket money.