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LEBC is proud to be connected with the Water and Sanitation Programme in Kigezi Diocese, Uganda in partnership with Tearfund.       

“We seek to be transformed by God as we help to transform the lives of our friends in Kigezi.”


Here is the latest update:

Dear  Jonathan,

Welcome to your latest update from Kigezi. We hope you are blessed and encouraged to read the good news, and that the challenges will guide and inspire your prayers.

Although the sun is still (mostly!) shining, your church has probably already started to think about Christmas. The festive season is a great time to share stories of transformation and hope from Kigezi’s work. Why not speak to your church leadership about including a Connected Church slot in your Christmas programme? Do get in touch for service ideas and inspiration!

An idea to get you started: download our new prayer cards for free. You can print these out and share them with your church. Encourage people to stick them on their fridge or keep them in their wallets as a reminder to pray for Jackline and David and the work of Kigezi.

Many blessings,

Bobbie, Derek, Fiona, Megan, Nathaniel, Alasdair, and Carina

Tearfund's Churches Team
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Autumn greetings from Kigezi

Read the latest news from the Diocese of Kigezi, it has been a difficult summer for many in the south west of Uganda

When hope is washed away

Floods and landslides devastated parts of Uganda and left people like Jackline and David in a dire situation

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Tearfund's annual report is here!

Last year, 92,246 generous supporters trusted Tearfund to help those in the most extreme poverty - bringing change in the places of greatest need. Follow this link and read through the report to find out lots more! For a printable version, click here.


Here is a video of one of our members interviewing her niece who has visited Kigezi.


Christmas Message from Tearfund's Churches Team

The countdown to Christmas has begun:decorations are going up, advent calendars are being opened, carol services are beginning and you have a special Christmas greeting from our Connected Church partner!

Advent is a season of anticipation, of holy waiting for Jesus, the Light of the World, to be born. Kigezi Diocese have been working tirelessly this year to bring this light to some of the darkest places on earth. Join with us in celebration of Kigezi Diocese’ work by sharing one of our favourite stories from 2016 with your church using the Power Point download  (clicking this link will download the Presentation to your computer)

And finally, may we wish you a happy, joy - filled Christmas, and a brilliant new year. Jesus’ new world is on its way - praise God!

Many blessings,

Catherine, Bobbie, Derek, Fiona, Megan, Nathaniel, Diana, and Carina

Tearfund's Churches Team


Watch this 4 minute video for an overview of the challenges 

in the Kigezi area of Uganda




783 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. That problem can be seen starkly in south-west Uganda, a land of hills and valleys. Most villages are on top of the hills, whilst the water sources are at the bottom.

  • Water storage is needed to avoid the children, usually girls, having to make unsafe journeys down mountains and having to miss school. In this area of Uganda, there is also a lack of knowledge about the dangers of unclean water and bad hygiene practices.
  • People don’t know that not washing your hands before preparing food or after going to the toilet spreads disease. As a result there are high rates of water borne diseases like diarrhoea, particularly amongst children.  Climate change has also led to unpredictable seasons and events like landslides, floods, and soil erosion.
  • For a well off community these would be difficult challenges, but for the rural poor of Uganda, they are catastrophic.


The Kigezi Diocese works with rural communities in the south west of Uganda to change this story. They want to see:

  • Communities of people being able to collect water close to their homes. They want to see them using that water well, implementing hygiene practices that keep people safe, and adapting to climate change.
  • Life-transforming mission by working through the local church, uniting the whole community around a common goal. They teach everyone about the importance of hygiene, and challenge practices that have led to disease and illness.
  • Communities who are trained to identify the resources they have and what they are able to do.
  • Local communities empowered to change their own situation but also the development of their skills that impact the rest of the community. As others see the benefits of tanks, demand for them grows, creating paid work for the trained group. 
  • Gravity flow schemes that bring water to communal tapstands via spring-fed pipelines. Communal tapstands serve several households from a central location where people can collect water.


This project will directly benefit 18,591 people living in rural communities in Uganda by providing them with clean water, and teaching them the importance of good hygiene

practices.  The outcomes of this project will be:

  • A church and community who are trained in how to build a rainwater harvesting tank, providing them with clean water for generations to come
  • A Church and core group who are trained so they know the link between water, health, and disease and can teach the rest of the community about the dangers
  • Water and Sanitation Clubs established in local schools, so that even the youngest in the community will learn about the power of washing their hands

For a more detailed description of the Kigezi Water and Sanitation Programme

Click here


Our Church will receive regular updates on the transformation in Kigezi.  

LEBC is committed to providing support through regular prayer and also financially.  


  • It is always the most vulnerable who suffer the most when a nation goes through struggles Pray that the Lord will bless these people in Uganda, providing all they need to live with dignity and joy.
  • Uganda is currently experiencing a hike in inflation and prices for basic products are shooting up, KDWSP need the guidance and grace of God in their planning and budgeting as they face these changes.
  • Uganda is preparing for general elections in 2016. We pray the Lord will protect the nation from election violence that has been witnessed in neighbouring countries like Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Southern Sudan.


We will receive quarterly updates from Kigezi see below:

Autumn Update Click here to follow link

For the latest news and stories see the Kigezi Diocese Blog  Click here to follow link